:[VIDEO] The history of live looping and how it can be used today!

In this article we take a dive in the past and look at how masters such as Terry Riley, Robert Fripp, Brian Eno, etc made use of ‘live loops’ in their performances. What techniques did they use? And are those techniques still relevant today? We’ll also take a look at all the possibilities we have nowadays using modern technology such as Ableton Live 10 and Max 4 Life.


Instead of a writing a 50 page article (which I have done, and may come online someday) I have put all the research I have done regarding this subject into one video. Not only will I talk about the history of live looping, but also about new techniques I have come up with myself. These techniques require various m4L patches and a specific hardware setup which I’ll talk about in a series of videos which I’ll start making very soon.

Tip: you can find useful timestamps in the video description on youtube!


Jasper Hartsuijker

My name is Jasper and I'm the founder of this blog. I work as audio engineer / producer at IAM STUDIOS (Amsterdam) and teach music production at the University of Arts in Utrecht. I also love to write code and make educational content.

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